Unit 8 Health and Social Care Level 2

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Unit 8: understand health and safety in the social care sector Outcome 1 A list of the key legislation relating to health and safety in a social care setting- · Health and Safety at work Act 1974 · Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulation 1999 · Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulation 1981 include amendment on 2009 · The Electricity at Work regulations 1989 · Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 · Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 · Communicable diseases and infection control · Working Time Regulations 1998 · Care Standard Act 2000 · Control of exposure to…show more content…
Reporting of Injuries,Diseases and dangerous occurrences regulations of 1995 requires the reporting of work-related accidents, diseases and dangerous occurrences. The Act applies to all work related activities, but not to all work related incidents. The objective of the regulations is to enable the enforcing authorities to identify where and how risks arise and to investigate serious accidents so as to prevent them from occurring in the future and thus providing a safer work environment. The enforcing authorities can then help and advise you on preventive action to reduce injury, ill health and accidental loss,the main points of our own policy that relate to this are: in the event of an accident the following people should be informed- the unit manager or senior on duty the partner-adult services a member of the development team care managers where appropriate family A record of the event should be entered in the accident book immediately,or as soon as practical. All details should be legibly completed and signed and dated. The manager is responsible for investigating all accidents/incidents and reporting their findings to the appropriate authorities where necessary. The Control of substances hazardous to

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