Unit 8 P2

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The purpose of this task is to individually design an educational activity based around technical influences. The activity implemented must be appropriate for a junior primary child. The preparation of the task needs to be considered along side whether the health and well-being of children is enhanced by use of technology. Technology has a significant impact on our society through the usage of technical devices incorporated into one’s regular routine. Each individual has 45 minutes to form a final product with a child while teaching them safety awareness factors.

I aim to teach the junior primary child how to use a computer through the implementation of assistance and support. This includes turning a laptop on, opening documents, operating
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The advantage of this activity is that it is close to mother’s day so there is a possibility that the child could produce a card for their mother. Another advantage is that majority of children like creative activities where they can use their artistic skills to construct things, so hopefully they will be occupied and focused on the task. A disadvantage is that children are all at different levels, so when it comes to technology you do not know what the child already knows. If the child has experience within the area of this activity it could create them to become disengaged throughout the activity. The child will learn further skills that they can then integrate into their experiences with technology. I have not created a card through the use of technology prior to this task. I have selected technical skills that will test my knowledge but ones that I can still assist and support the child during the process of conducting this product.

This task will be beneficial to the child’s knowledge and my skills of communicating and assisting a child. The use and safety of technology is a significant factor that needs to be addressed to more children within our
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