Unit 8 Role Of Collaboration In Public Research Essay

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Unit 8 Assignment 1
Role of Collaboration in Public Research
Article 1 “Community Perspectives on Factors That Influence Collaboration in Public Health Research” (2009) is a study that evaluates the factors that impact collaboration in public health research, from the perspective of community-based organizations (CBOs) (Pinto, 2009). This articles attempts to provide a starting point for research on the benefits of community based participation in public health research, as well as what influences community’s and/or their organizations to participate in public health research (Pinto,2009). Pinto (2009) suggests that this research is needed to eliminate potential barriers that are interfering with necessary collaboration from communities
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The appropriate institutional review boards approved this study; and Pinto (2009) supervised all portions of the analysis process (Pinto, 2009). The method of analysis was categorized into the following sections: recruitment, interview procedures, interview protocol, analytic strategy (Pinto, 2009).
Pinto (2009) identified several factors that influenced collaboration in different domains. These factors included: expertise, need to improve services, resolving social issues, and cultural and social disconnect; the domains included researchers’ characteristics, and community partner-researcher relationships (Pinto, 2009). This study may be considered valid and reliable, when used for further research; because it may be considered one of the first sufficient studies to examine this topic.
Incorporating these research findings in research leadership practices may be useful in a public health or medical setting. These settings would benefit because the study’s sample size was produced from a health based organization, which was used to evaluate factors that affect collaboration within it. When attempting to enact leadership practices, being aware of what factors may influence them would be beneficial, especially in public health or medical
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