Unit 8 p1 m1 -Physiological Perspectives

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Unit 8: Physiological Perspectives March 15
Social learning theory (SLT), cognitive approach, behaviorist approach, humanistic approach, psychodynamic approach and biological approach.

Social learning theory (SLT) –
This learning occurs from observation, imitation or modeling of another person or role model. Modeling is the process of imitating. We can also learn new behavior from individuals we meet or from the media. This is also known as observational learning developed by Albert Bandura. Individuals, groups and culture have an effect on the behavior of people in the society. A feature of a person/model that may influence us to imitate is; gender, similarity to ourselves, social status, fame, competence and prestige.
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From his past experiences, he learnt to be aggressive towards people and that’s why ‘K’ expresses himself that way. Also, according to Jean Piaget, ‘K’s behavior was learnt from the information he got since he was a child. His father’s behavior registered of the way to act towards other people.
Psychologists can use therapeutic strategies such as showing him a calm and nicer way of acting towards people. Showing him real life situations even in a movie, to help and explain how to express himself would help ‘K’ unlearn his behavior.

Assessment of the cognitive approach.
One of the strengths of this approach is that it looks at thought processes which are ignored by other psychologists. Such processes are memory, attention and perception and have been studied to have an effect on behavior.
A weakness of this approach is that it is a reductionist. For example, it reduces human behavior down to just individual processes but a human is a product of all these processes not just individual parts.
Another weakness of this perspective is that it is too mechanical as it compares humans to computers. Humans are a lot more complex than computers because they have emotions that could influence their behavior.
Behaviorist Approach-
All behavior is learnt from the environment. We learn new things new behavior through operant or classical conditioning.

Operant conditioning-

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