Essay on Unit 9 Assignment 3 Business Studies Level 3 BTEC

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a. You need produce an informative leaflet which includes an explanation of the role of advertising agencies. It should explain the role that Adam & Eve DDB played in at least one of Marmite’s successful promotional campaigns eg Marmite’s Election Campaign, Marmite’s Neglect Campaign. Your leaflet should include the following: An explanation of the role of an advertising agency in the development of at least one of Marmite’s successful promotional campaigns. This should include a description of some of the activities that the agency participated in eg what did they design, organise etc. You must include an explanation of the following services: Media planning – choice of media, timings etc Media buying - discounts Advertisement design…show more content…
The agency used the hype surrounding the general election to create an advertising strategy featuring two spoof political parties, Love and Hate, campaigning for and against its product. The campaign promoted both parties. Posters promoting the Hate party started appearing with the line: ‘If cowpats were rich in B-vitamins, would you eat them?’ Other ‘pledges’ from the Hate party were a tongue-in-cheek take on current policies, such as initiating a Spread Offenders List to ‘expose Marmite lovers’, and setting up containment areas as the only places where the spread could be eaten. Posters supporting the Love party had bright colours and the bold line, ‘Making Britain Richer’, followed by ‘(in B-vitamins)’ in smaller type. (Love Party) (Hate Party) The campaign included radio, TV, poster and press ads, aimed at getting the public to vote online. The results of the ‘election’, which closed on 29 April 2010, gave victory to the Love party. The above-the-line campaign – which included TV, posters and press ads – was developed by the ad agency DDB London. The below-the-line campaign, which consisted of 300,000 nationwide door drops in the guise of an electioneering campaign, were developed by the agency Iris. Digital advertising was handled by AKQA. More recently the ‘End
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