Unit 9 D2 Essay

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Task 3 [D2] Provide an evaluation of the services available from your domain controllers’ directory service include account management, active directory, DNS, and authentication management

Active Directory is a system which offers centralized control of your computers, it has been a part of Windows since Windows 2000. It is an implementation of Internet standard directory and naming protocols that uses a database engine. To look at the advantages of active directory it is easier to look at what a network without active directory is like, this system when using Windows is known as a workgroup. A workgroup is a network setup in which each computer on the network keeps its own store of user names and passwords. In order to access another
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As the active directory database uses multi-master replication, multiple copies of the database can be stored across different servers in different locations. Each of these copies is writeable. Active Directory automatically fixes any replication conflicts that may occur by using a last writer wins system. That is, the latest update of any object is used when there is a replication conflict. All computers across the domain have access to this information, therefore solving the issue of having to manually update credentials for each user over multiple PCs.
As with all databases, anything stored in the database is known as an object. The database can also store resources such as printers/share folders and handle E-mail services. However when user accounts are interacted with inside the database, such as suggested in the previous paragraph, this is known as account management.
In conjunction with account management an administrator can set which areas of a drive that users can have access to, more specifically what kind of access rights they have, this is known as authentication management. This is where accounts in active directory are organised into global groups, these groups are then organised into local groups, and these local groups will then be given permission to a resource on a server such as a specific folder. A practical example within an industry would be having a sales

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