Unit 9 Final

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For the following identify if the variable is discrete or continuous: 1. Age in years: discrete or continuous Answer: Age in years is a discrete variable. If a person is 10 years old or considers themselves 10.5, in data age generally goes by a whole number. 2. Number of patients who visited in the ER today: discrete or continuous Answer: This is a discrete variable because a human is counted as a whole number. 3. Weight in kilograms: discrete or continuous Answer: This is a continuous variable because any numerical value is possible. For instance, the measure weight could be 4kg or 1.001 kg. For the following identify if the variable is categorical or continuous (including discrete): 4. Age: 0-5 months, 6-9 months, 10-12 months, 13 months or more Answer: It is…show more content…
BMI: measured in kg/m2 Answer: This variable is a continuous variable because the measurement can be a different number of value. For instance, BMI ranges from 18.5 kg/m2 to 25 for normal weight. For the following, identify if the variable is nominal, dichotomous, or ordinal 8. Does patient have diabetes: yes or no Answer: The variable is considered dichotomous since there are only two options. 9. What type of diabetes: borderline diabetes II, type II diabetes, type I diabetes Answer: The variable is nominal because the question is asking for what type of diabetes a person has and is put into 3 categories. 10. Education level: High school degree or less, some college, Bachelor’s degree, Masters or higher Answer: This is a ordinal variable since education level is ordered from less to higher education and is put into 4 categories. 11. BMI: Underweight <30, 4=Obese 30 or more Answer: This is an ordinal variable because BMI is ordered from less BMI to higher BMI. 12. Race/ethnicity: non-Hispanic African-American or Black, non-Hispanic Asian-American, Hispanic, non-Hispanic White, Other non-Hispanic, Other Hispanic Answer: This is a nominal variable because you can’t rank
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