Nt1330 Unit 3

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Hello I am the IT Administrator, I will be help you answer your questions dealing with software deployment. 1. What is Group Policy? Group Policy can be used to install, upgrade, patch, or remove software applications when a computer is started, when a user logs on to the network, or when a user accesses a file associated with a program that is not currently on the user’s computer. 2. What is Repackaging Software? It is taking a snapshot of a clean computer system before the application is installed, installing the application as desired, and taking a snapshot of the computer after the application is installed. A clean computer system is defined as a system with no other applications installed and only those service packs, hot…show more content…
Software restriction policies are designed to identify software and control its execution. In addition, administrators can control who will be affected by the policies. 5. What about Configuring Software Restriction Rules? The functionality of software restriction policies depends on the rules that identify software, followed by the rules that govern its usage. When a new software restriction policy is created, the Additional Rules subfolder is displayed. This folder allows you to create rules that specify the conditions under which programs can be executed or denied. The rules that are applied can override the Default Security Level setting when necessary. 6. What does Network zone rules do? It can control from a specified zone, such as a local computer, a local intranet, trusted sites, restricted sites, or the Internet. This type of rule can be applied to allow only Windows Installer packages to be installed if they come from a trusted area of the network. For example, an Internet zone rule could restrict Windows Installer packages from being downloaded and installed from the Internet or other network locations. 7. What about application install, how to set this? The package is set to Assigned, the Install This Application At Logon option is available. This option allows the application to be installed immediately, rather than advertised on the Start menu. If users have slow links between their
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