Essay on Unit 9 - Health and Social Care

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Throughout this assignment I am going to be looking into the health and social topic of communicable and non-communicable diseases. I will be investigating into various aspects of two specific diseases. A high level of knowledge will be demonstrated with a detailed description of both communicable and non-communicable diseases as well as an understanding of epidemiology. I will then find a communicable and non-communicable disease example and describe the biological basis of each disease with an explanation to how the body responds to the disease. A list of at least three of the different signs and symptoms which are produced and displayed with the disease will then be shown. The changes shown as a result from the disease
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Some scientists and health professionals argue that by having overall health, you must be healthy in all of these areas. Others however, argue that if you’re healthy in one area, the rest of your body can thrive from that healthy area. For example if you are un-healthy physically, i.e. an individual is diabetic, then that individual can be healthy socially and psychologically. This means that an individual may have an illness, however it doesn’t mean that individual is un-healthy throughout all areas of their body. Some other examples of PIES include; ➢ Physical disease or a Physical illness – This type of disease affects the functioning parts of the human body. Some examples of physical diseases are; Bronchitis, Coronary Heart Disease and Arthritis. ➢ Psychological disease (Mental Health Disorder) – This type of disease affects an individual’s mind or intellect and some examples of this disease are; anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, personality disorders and behavioural disorders. ➢ Social disease – This can be caused by personal lifestyle or environmental disorders. It can arise from social deprivation, relationships and other personal activities such as alcoholism and drug abuse.
Epidemiology has been defined as ‘The study of the distribution and determinants of health and disease-related conditions in populations. It is concerned with epidemic (excess of normal expectancy) and endemic (always present) conditions. The basic premise

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