Unit 9: M2/D2 Values and planning in health and social care

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Chosen health and social care professionals Midwife Health care assistant Nurse The role of a MIDWIFE. The roles and responsibilities in midwifery are; Providing an effective care and support to the patient and for their babies during labour The Midwives also play a role during the postnatal period (time after birth). Such as; Midwives diagnose, monitor and examine women during pregnancy. Provide full antenatal care including the screening tests in the hospital, community and at home. Midwives identify high risked pregnancies and they make referrals to doctors and other medical specialists. They arrange and provide parental and health education. They also provide counselling and advice and after screening tests. The holistic…show more content…
It is essential that all relevant forms are completed to provide evidence of this information. For example, a health care assistant has a form where they provide the evidence that you are a qualified midwife. In a health and social care settings, health care professional’s health care assistants hold an important diary of their up-to-date schedule with their work rota’s and meetings with other health care professionals. Health care assistants would keep record of their meetings, so they could discuss issues and during these they record and pass it to other professionals to follow up on them. Health care assistants would record important information the service users. Questions- in a health and social care settings, health care professionals use questions to help them assess the service users. The health care professionals use the questions to understand the different circumstances, in which also requires a skilful use of questioning. Records of incidents- this is there to make sure that monitoring and reviewing is undertaken, which is where the key workers is advised to records incidents that had occurred in the health care settings. Observations- an observation is there to help describe an individual’s behavioural patterns, they also observe care skills at a medical situation at the individuals. The role of nurse The roles and responsibilities required of a nurse are;

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