Unit 9 P1,2 Business Jd Sports Case Study

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JD Sports case study:
Being closer to consumers and providing exactly what they want is known as market orientation. JD Sports is a market-orientated business carries out research to find the needs and wants of consumers. It then uses the findings to design products and marketing strategies to satisfy these needs. This compares to product orientation which focuses first on developing a product and then seeks ways to persuade the consumer to buy it. They manage the balance of its marketing mix around its consumers’ needs in order to achieve business growth. JD Sports is a business to Consumer Company and therefore depends on how desirable its brands are to consumers. By providing exactly what the consumers want JD can outperform its
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For example, discounts achieved by bulk purchases of trainers means the cost for each pair is lower than that paid by smaller retailers. This ensures JD remains competitive.
The place element of the marketing mix involves making products available to the customer in the most convenient way. To ensure this JD operates in many different places such as high streets, out of town locations, shopping centres and online stores. JD wants to make the shopping experience distinctive from that of its rivals. It does this by innovative displays and creative imagery to make the store experience fun and exciting.
The JD property committee meets regularly to discuss possible new store locations. The right location can maximise sales, limit costs and therefore maximise profits. There are different things that influence new store locations. * The numbers visiting the location * Cost of the units * Whether people can get there easily via transport links * How many parking spaces there are * Competitor presence * Demographics of the area, whether the target market of consumers is near by * Numbers, positions and quality of units available
JD has invested in e-commerce. JD recognises that with the increasing use of online shopping, consumers now expect very high standards of service and functionality from a web ordering site. In order to reach consumers in the best possible way, the company’s web designers constantly aim to improve the

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