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Unit LD 205 Principles of positive risk taking for individuals with disabilities Outcome 1 Know the importance of risk taking in everyday life for individuals with disabilities 1.1- identify aspects of everyday life in which risk plays a part Risk Taking: individual; social; organisational; environmental 1.2- identify aspects of everyday life in which, traditionally, individuals with disabilities were not encouraged to take risks Traditional lack of encouragement: risks in everyday life; traditional roles and activities; carer controls; health and safety, compensation culture. 1.3- outline the consequences for individuals with disabilities of being prevented or discouraged from taking risks Prevention of risk taking: consequences…show more content…
3.2- describe how to use a human rights based approach to risk management. Human rights based approach to risk management: responsibility balancing; advocacy; direct payments; personalised services; person centred planning, support planning Outcome 4 Understand how to support individuals with disabilities in decisions about risk-taking 4.1- explain the connection between an individual’s right to take risks and their responsibilities towards themselves and others Rights and responsibilities: maximising quality of life while maintaining safety; responsibilities to self and others, social, emotional, physical. 4.2- outline how the principle of ‘duty of care’ can be maintained whilst supporting individuals to take risks Duty of Care: best interest; defensible decision making; contextualising behaviour; identification of positive and negative risks 4.3- describe ways of enabling individuals with disabilities to make informed choices about taking risks Enabling informed choices: use of illustrated templates, flow charts, information sheets; technology; the right to make ‘bad’

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