Unit Nurse Managers, Wanted Procedural Sedation Cases To

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Unit Nurse Managers, wanted procedural sedation cases to be scheduled with the Physicians completing the pre-sedation checklist prior to procedure per The Joint Commission standards. They wanted a less time consuming process for documentation per procedure and to have adequate learning modules. Requested a system that will allow them to better track procedures and RN competencies within their departments. Frontline staff RNs, stated that they wanted less time consuming user-friendly system with adequate training on systems. In addition, they wanted better communication on updates and new resources from the Nurse Managers and adequate staff support to assist with procedures that will allow accurate charting. Physicians, who perform…show more content…
There are a number ethical implication that Thrive Healthcare is faced with and must take into consideration when implementing new work flows, process, and standard practices. The largest ethical dilemma it faces it the proper handling of patients and members personal and medical information. Committed to operating under integrity, Thrive Healthcare take special precaution to ensure that they adhere to Protected Health Information (PHI) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) laws and guidelines. HIPAA laws were established in 1996, which obligated the Security of the U.S Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to create regulations that protect the privacy and the security of particular health information (HSS, n.d). This is embedded in the culture and business practices of the organization, it is the expressed expectation and apart of annual compliance training as a condition of employment. This is to ensure that every employee across the continuum knows and understands how to handle PHI and HIPAA. In a new era of technology, cell phones are often times the primary tool used by staff in the workplace, whether it is status updates, workplace selfies and pictures shared. It now poses a new threat to PHI and HIPAA. Staff may think it is okay to speak about a patient they encountered, or a disagreement with a supervisor or co-worker in the public setting. However this can be

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