Unit One: The Principles of Healthy Eating Essay

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Assessment You should use this file to complete your Assessment. How to complete and send your Assessment: Save a copy of this document, either onto your computer or a disk Work through your Assessment, remembering to save your work regularly When you’ve finished, print out a copy to keep for reference Then, go to www.vision2learn.com and send your completed Assessment to your tutor via your My Study area – make sure it is clearly marked with your name, the course title and the Unit and Assessment number. Name: Charlotte May Riley Please note that this Assessment document has 9 pages and is made up of 4 Parts. Part 1: Understand how diet is linked to health 1. Define what is meant by the term ‘healthy diet’. A…show more content…
To summarise, a healthy diet for children is one which provides everything they need to stay fit and healthy as well as grow properly whereas a healthy diet for adults is one which provides them with the means to maintain a fit and healthy body. 3. Give an outline of at least three lifestyle diseases associated with unhealthy diets. a) In the UK, adults tend to have a habit of consuming more calories than they need which are often consumed by eating unhealthy foods such as sugary drinks and sweets, savoury snacks such as crisps and fast food which is high in fat and salt. This leads to adults becoming overweight, and in the worst cases, obesity. People who are obese are at a much greater risk of developing illnesses such as angina, diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. b) Heart disease is a major cause of ill health in the UK. Age, gender and family history can be key factors as to why a person may develop heart disease, but poor diet and lifestyle is also a major factor. Eating foods which are high in saturated fat can raise cholesterol levels in the blood which then hardens on the inside of blood vessel walls causing them to become narrower and consequently reduces the flow of blood to the heart. Foods high in saturated fat include biscuits and cakes, butter, cream, lard, sausages and fatty cuts of meat. c) Diabetes causes a person's body to become unable to use glucose properly but the condition can be managed. However, when it is not
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