Unit Price Of Oreos

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Oreos are chocolate cookies that have a creamy inside that have lots of flavors and i will be finding the unit rate for the counts of the oreos and the quantity and for the flavors some examples would be marshmallow,ice cream,mint,white fudge,banana split,chocolate fudge, peanut butter and tons of more i eat oreos all the time and i will now tell you what they and taste like since all oreos have the chocolate and crunchy layer it taste chocolaty and the different flavors i wish i could try them all because they all sound delicious but my personal favorite is cookies and cream and caramel and the classic cream sometimes you could dip them in milk The problem question is we need to know the unit price of oreos, a 25 pack of cookies cost 2.75$…show more content…
the 25 count because there is less best buy of oreos paper because it has the price and the amount so you could find the unit rate. pencil and eraser to write down everything and erase for mistakes i think it's the most important item. laptop to research whatever you need to
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