Unit SHC 51: Use and develop systems that promote communication

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Unit SHC 51
Use and develop systems that promote communication

Criteria: 1.1,1.2,1.3 - Review the groups and individuals whose communication needs you must address in your work role.Explain how you support effective communication within your work role. Analyse the barriers and challenges to communication within your work role.

Communication can be defined as information transfer.This can be exchange of thoughts,messages,feelings.The way we transfer information is by speech,signals or writing ,to express oneself in such a way that one is really and clearly understood.We all use a variety of communication techniques to both understand and be understood.Without communication nothing would get done,no information
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I make sure that the key workers know the importance of acting as an advocate to ensure the rights of the individual are met, and to giving support and guidance on how best to achieve this.One of the ways that I inform my stuff and the parents of up-and-coming events is to use a notice board, which is located in a visible part of the setting and is written using appropriate wording and text. To support effective communication in my work role is also important to build respect in business,inspire confidence,develop a distinct personality and reveal my ability to others.It is vital in establishing effective relationships in my work setting by allowing practitioners to expect support from colleagues/management and to provide them with the necessary support in times of stress and difficulty.Effective communication is one of the most important sources of my work.When practitioners communicate effectively with children this benefits massively on their learning and development,and they become to trust and respect them as practitioners. Family and friends know me well and will usually understand me, even if I communicate poorly or very informally. Communicating with people at work is different because it is important that colleagues communicate respect for each other. Colleagues who do not show respect for each other may fail to show

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