Unit Shc22 - Introduction to Personal Development in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Settings

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SHC 22 1.1 Describe and explain the duties and responsibilities of your own work role.

I work in a team with another childminder, sharing the same premises, so we share some of duties, but generally speaking, both of us are responsible for the children we looking for.
My duties starts in the morning when I have to welcome the children, to help them getting the schuss changed and the coats tacked off, to record the time they came in and some information from parents if applicable.
It is my responsibility to prepare the food for children and in the meantime to get involved in their activities. We support the children in their personal development in different ways: explaining situations, setting some interesting activities for
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I do have a lot of information but the most important thing is how to use it.
I started with my starting points, my previous experience. Firstly I am mother of two children, one grown up and one teenager. When they were younger, I used to collaborate with all the professionals involved in their education. For three years I worked as teacher in my country. Before starting the childminder course, I worked as childminder assistant for Viorica Timco and she advised me to complete this course because I have the skills to work with children in Early Years.
I did this and I am registered childminder from September 2011. In March I had my first inspection and the service I was providing was classed only satisfactory, because some of my weaknesses including the missing of the self-evaluation. Of course there were lot of positive things such as an acceptable partnership with parents, supporting children learning English as an additional language, the measures to safeguarding the children, the food-safety and the first aid training, completion the course KIDS for children with special needs. The premises are used appropriately, providing sufficient space for play, rest and dinning. Play resources are varied, reflective on the six areas of learning; the children are given the opportunity to have their own choices. After starting the self-evaluating process I was trying to find out the ways to

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