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Assignment 8.1 Unit Testing tools API sanity checker: It is an automatic unit test generator which is used for the C or C++ shared libraries. These tool can be used as a smoke test for API libraries to track the problems. The main characteristic of the sanity checker tool is that it can generate automatically the input arguments and test cases for each and every API function of the library files. The API sanity checker tool is developed by the Andrey Ponomarenko. The license is provided by GNU LGPL. In order to generate, build and run the tests we must define the XML descriptor for the library version. It is a simple XML-file which defines the version number, paths to header files and also shared libraries information. To improve quality of generated tests, the specialized types are used. The quality of the generated tests permits to verify the absence of critical errors in the use cases. The tool is able to build and execute generated tests and detect the problems of all kinds of emitted signals, non-zero program return code and also program hanging. I prefer this tool as it can be used for the out-of-the-box low-cost sanity checking of the library API or even a test development framework is used for initial generation of templates and for advanced tests. It supports the universal T2C test format, random test generation mode, and also specialized data types features. Nunit: Test can run parallel. It offers the good support for the data driven tests. It an open source

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