Unit Two: Principles of Providing Administrative Services Essay

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1. Explain the purpose of correctly receiving, checking and sorting mail and packages (both incoming and outgoing). Professional handling of mails is vital within an organisation since it is widely used for transfer of equipment and material in the business. Improper handling of mails could result in loss of business / customers / suppliers and economic losses. This can be due to loss to vital documents, delays in mails, delivered to wrong person, inefficient service being delivered, payment being lost (incoming and outgoing), materials / parts not being delivered on time, dissatisfied customer / supplier which could leave poor image about the organization. Hence making sure that mails are delivered to correct person as soon as…show more content…
Reading do’s and don’t for any equipment is very important before use. 3. Explain the purpose of keeping equipment clean, hygienic and ready for the next user. ¬¬ There are many positive reasons for keeping equipment clean, hygienic and ready for next use and some of which are as follows, - Increases longevity, productivity and performance of the equipments. - Better hygiene as it prevents spread of germs and infections especially via shared equipment. - Prevents loss of time and delays in order to clear up mess before using equipment. - When everyone cleans up workplace after use, it reflects better attitude of employees and respect towards each other. - Prevents demotivation of an employee who is always engaged in cleaning up other people’s mess. I would like to share the a procedure at my work where we spend about 15-30 mins every morning to conduct a 6S audit where we need to go through a checklist and make sure that critical things required for work are in place and ready to use. Section 4 – Understand how to keep waste to a minimum in a business environment 1. Explain why waste should be kept to a minimum in a business environment. Waste should be kept to minimum as it does not add
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