Unit V: Take Home Exam Essays. Question 1). In The Story

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Unit V: Take Home Exam Essays Question 1) In the story of the “Brahman’s Daughter and the Five Bachelors,” the young wife, being clever, plans independently of any other person. The young wife crafts the ingenious plans that socially and economically benefit the entire household by herself—with some inspiration from the goddess Mother Ten. According to the Laws of Manu, a woman must be “clever in (the management of her) household affairs, careful in cleaning her utensils, and economical in expenditure” (Reading 14, page 148) and that “[b]y a girl, by a young woman, or even by an aged one, nothing must be done independently, even in her own house” (14, 148). In short, an ideal Hindu wife, according to the orthodox Brahmanical ideal dictated…show more content…
She authoritatively instructs them to not “make a racket” once they find the unexpected changes to their living situation (16, 162). The young wife of the middle son acts more as an authority figure that ‘whips the men in shape’ than a shy and inexperienced girl. Sometimes she uses the men to complete her plan. For example, when she finds the royal necklace, she gives it to her father-in-law to present to the king’s court (16, 163). Ultimately, the plan has always been hers rather than a group or male or other typically hierarchical status decision. The young wife makes use of the goddess Mother Ten by using the openness and ideas that the goddess has put in her heart and brain, respectively. In fact, “Mother Ten had turned her heart’s key,” so that she could know the “many things” that would support her new family (16, 162). Therefore, the wife’s cleverness stems from the gifts of the goddess that she and her mother worship, Mother Ten. The young wife also makes use of the goddess Mother Ten by cleverly, and independently, manipulating the goddess into giving her a promise. The young wife created the situation in which Mother Ten would visit her by instructing her father-in-law to return the royal necklace, which quite literally fell from the sky, asking for nothing but absolute darkness across the kingdom on Divali (16, 163). Since Mother Ten can only enter into places with light, the wife lighted lamps in her household to attract the goddess to her (16, 163). Then,

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