Unit10 1.1 Understand the Expected Pattern of Development for Children and Young People from Birth to 19 Years

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Unit 10 Understand child and young person development

Understand the expected pattern of development for children and young people from birth to 19 years 1.1 Explain the sequence of rate of each aspect of development from birth – 19 years.

0.3 months They take interest and turn their head towards bright coloured lights They recognize bottle or breast Respond when they hear there mothers voice Wriggle and kick with there arms and legs.

Social and Emotional Development Begins to develop a social smile Enjoys playing with other people and might get upset when the person stops intereacting with them Expressive and tries to communicate using there face and body
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Social and Emotional Development

Enjoys playing with other children for a few minutes or have a couple of close friends they play with They join in with games that involve taking turns Understand that an item or toy belongs to somebody else and that we share Expresses affection by holding hands or hugging Can separate abit more easier from parents

Physical Development

Throws a ball overhand They understand the concept of riding bikes and can put it into motion Can walk up and down stairs knowing to put one foot per stair step Enjoys climbing such as climbing frames or trees

Cognitive Development

They can complete puzzles with 3 or 4 pieces They become very imaginative and make up stories Make mechanical toys work without being shown

Language Development

They can say there name there age and if there a boy or girl Understand the concept of “on” “in” and “under” e.g the chair is under the table
4 Years old

Social and Emotional Development

Plays role play games where they are the parents Enjoys role play games where they can dress up and play the role of a character or person they are dressed up as Alot more independent and able to do things for themselves Imagines that things they can't see like in dark cupboards or unfamiliar objects might be a monster They can't always make the difference between reality and fantasy like something they see on t.v that's in a cartoon they
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