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Employment Relations Essay Introduction: Unitarism, which also called human resource management, it is an organization is perceived as an integrated and harmonious whole with the ideal of one big happy family, where management and other members of the staff all share a common purpose, emphasizing mutual cooperation. Another opposite approach is pluralism which called industry relationship. There are no common interest in the organization and different loyalty and authority inside. This essay will argue that the unitarism approach is not beneficial for all actors in the employment relationship. And it will do a comparison through different country, China and Australia. Body: Unitarism approach focus on the fixed human resource…show more content…
For example, the Foxconn electronic factory in China, which makes products for major laptop and mobile phone such as Apple, Dell, HP, Sony, Nintendo. At past, it has confirmed that totally 11 employees suicide as the reason with the pressure. Foxconn has the nice work condition and work place. This means that the employees will get more some intangible pressure whether or not the high paid, if they not have a smooth communication with the managers, some people who do not have strong psychology and self release ability, the result will be like Foxconn incident (Tam, 2010). As the two most important roles in the human resource management, if the employers notice the excessive task, the employees will be less pressure felling than non report. Consequently the employees will de stress or dissatisfaction. It also stressful for the employers due to the decision making and manage cost, more flexible employment relationship, it needs more input in order to get a normal organization operating. Exchange the role in original trade union. The employers should be more concerned the relation with employees. The employees will be easily changed or fired within the unitarism approach, without the union and state support, the human resource management will be focus in the individual
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