Essay on Unitary and Federal Goverment Systems

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Unitary and federal government systems operate on the principles of checks and balances and the separation of powers. Unitary systems control all local governments such as city, regional, provincial, and municipal. The president using unitary form of government “has the entire local governments, all military and police forces, all tax collection agencies, all fiscal agencies (banks), all health agencies, all prosecution agencies, all health and social welfare agencies, all natural resources agencies an labor while declaring war and national emergencies, use emergency and military powers during war, rebellion, revolution and terrorism” (Salvilla, 2006). The Central government using the judicial system has a large jurisdiction and power…show more content…
Both working together has the foreign and domestic branch of the same government.
Unitary government has total control over the smaller sub-divisions in a country for all government functions. The strengths of countries that use unitary government has less people involved in decision making, manage their economy better, and better tax handling abilities. The weakness of using a unitary government is that there is no balance of power, bureaucracy, there are too many decisions to make, making the process slow and the area to govern is too big.
In England there is a Constitutional Monarchy and a Parliamentary Democracy. There is a Queen, House of Commons and House of Lords. Supreme Legislation is control by the Parliament and power to make laws. Having a Queen as head of the state and the prime minister is head of the government. The Parliament is the supreme legal authority of the United Kingdom and is the Law-Making Body. Under the Parliament is “the House of Lords that does not have much power and their main function is to revise legislation, the House of Commons consist of 646 elected members and the head of the government is the prime minister” (Bennion, Thomas, Balamut, & Sleister, 2009). In England they do not follow a written constitution they just simple make decisions by common practice and law that the

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