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Introduction to Cross Site Scripting
Cross Site Scripting is one of the most common web exploited vulnerability as it is listed as number 2 just after SQL injection on the OWASP website. It is also a type of injection but script injection. XSS enables the attackers to inject client-side script into web pages which are viewed by other users. Cross Site Scripting has been in World Wide Web since 1996. The attacker just needs to know a little java scripting to exploit vulnerability. Today all popular web programming technologies such as PHP, microsoft.Net, ColdFusion and asp are all acceptable with XSS. Cross Site Scripting happens when users find that your website is vulnerable and users the website to distribute malicious scripts to other users which runs in other users web browsers. This type of attack is used to steal sensitive user information such as emails, date of birth, names and hijack user sessions by which the hacker gets unauthorized access to the web server. A web application is sent with a…

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