United Arab Emirates, Country Risk Report Essay

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United Arab Emirates is situated in the Middle East bordering Saudi Arabia and Oman. The country consists of seven emirates(cities) with Abu Dhabi as capital and Dubai, the financial capital of the country. The population of United Arab Emirates is 9.3 million as of 2013; however, the nationals of South Asian countries (Workers from Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka) comprise around 50% of UAE´s total population. Furthermore, Ethnic composition can be classified as: Emirati (19%), South Asians (50%), other Arabs and Iranians (23%), and other expatriates including Westerners and East Asians (8%). We observe from this pattern that there are more foreign population that leads the economy projects and the economy running in UAE. Some of the major reasons include people-friendly laws, welcoming and friendly atmosphere and political stability and safety accompanied by large pool of luxury offerings. (United Arab Emirates, Country Risk Report). Living in the UAE provides several advantages to Expats (Immigrant workers). One of the biggest advantage is NO Tax implications. Apart from the major advantage, other religions are allowed to be practiced - there is a church compound in Jebel Ali with Christian churches and a Sikh temple etc. Secondly, accommodation in Dubai is mostly new and pleasant. Serviced apartments are available everywhere in the city. These come furnished and are serviced as part of the rent; short-term leases are also available for this type of
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