United Beef Packers

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John McCulloch- United Beef Packers Introduction John McCulloch was hired as an assistant general manager at United Beef Packers (UBP). After working for a few months, he felt that the job was nothing he expected; exploitation of immigrant workers, the company’s sole focus on profit maximizing, poor sanitation and worker safety, and also unethical documentation of medical records. To complicate matters, McCulloch is left with the responsibility a worker injured on the job because UBP does not want to pay for the medical bills. What Changed to Cause the Ethical Issues? UBP was a very successful company with clean working environments and higher wages the U.S. manufacturing average. However, with the recession in the late 1970s, UBP…show more content…
Kramer wants McCulloch to terminate Vasquez because UBP does not want to pay for his medical bills anymore. UBP is self-insured, like all companies that belong in AMI, and try to minimize medical costs. Supervisors have no respect for employees and sell them drugs to make them work faster and longer, abuse female workers, and let tainted meat go out for sale. Supervisors force injured employees to sign waivers that protect UBP from being sued or liable for their injuries. If they do not sign the waiver, they will be fired. Alternative #1- Stay At UBP and Terminate Bobby Vasquez McCulloch can remain with the company and terminate Vasquez. McCulloch’s reputation would be upheld and be able to provide stability for his family, at the expense of Vasquez’s medical care. McCulloch will continue to be depressed, have no appetite, lack of sleep, and be in constant fear of exposure. The employees will continue to be exploited and consumers be exposed to tainted meat violating OSHA standards. However, this alternative allows McCulloch to attempt and try to change how things work at the plant. Alternative #2- Leave UBP: Don’t Terminate Vasquez By leaving UBP, McCulloch would not need to fire Vasquez or live with the guilt of taking away his benefits plan. McCulloch would be able to recover from depression, his appetite, and also his sanity. Finding a job will be relatively easy as McCulloch recently
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