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The European Vice President of United Cereal (UC), Lora Brill, is confronted by a dilemma: to launch a new product called Healthy Berry Crunch as the first ‘Eurobrand’ or not. A wrong decision may destroy her career, especially since Healthy Berry Crunch is not only a new concept of healthy cereal, but also a pioneer of United Cereal’s Eurobrand, which is different from the company’s usual standards. On the other hand, if she makes the right decision, she may be able to grow the company to a whole new level.

United Cereal was established more than one hundred years ago in United States and it entered the European market in 1952. Through decades, the company grew with a strong commitment to “The UC Way”. “Listen to the
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However in the end, he failed miserably, since the support from the local Country Managers (CM) was very low.

In the past few years, the increasing demand of healthy and natural foods both in United States and Europe has created a new challenge for the food industry. The United Cereal’s French country manager, Jean-Luc Michel, saw a big opportunity and developed Healthy Berry Crunch for the health-conscious adult segment. However, Michel has to rush its development and test process because of the limited budget and time constraints.

At the same time, Lora Brill, the current European Vice President, considers this chance to deliver Healthy Berry Crunch as the first Eurobrand in the company’s history. Of course, she wants to avoid the mistakes made by her predecessor by restructuring the whole organization and its strategy. This may also come as a challenge, as she may not be able to keep in line with the UC way and the company’s original vision and goal.

So, which option will Lora Brill choose? Should United Cereal launch Healthy Berry Crunch in France? Is it really worth to try launching Healthy Berry Crunch as a Eurobrand despite the failure of the fruit juice disaster? How to implement the new organization along with Eurobrand? And how to keep the new concept in line with the UC Way?

2.1. Vision Statement

“We walk out from grocery land. We discover the secret of your taste. We bring your desired one on your table. We commit to be the first choice to your

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