United Cereal

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United Cereal was an organization embodied with a strong set of core values. They believed in commitment, diligence and loyalty; attracted people to work for the company and promoted managers from within. Their managers were committed to “The UC Way” and certain deeply rooted beliefs like:
• “Listen to the customer”-led them to pioneer the use of research and focus groups.
• “Spot the trend, make the market”- led then to place high value on extensive market testing prior to launching new products.
• “Honoring the past and embracing the future”-gave them a high regard for product development and innovation in marketing.
To be able to answer whether the Eurobrand cereal was truly viable we first must be clear about what was the cereal
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The Country Managers from United Cereal could guide them with their vast experience of being close to the local consumer and at the same time not feel that their autonomy had been challenged.
After planning her strategy Lora Brill would need to impress her innovative ideas and learning’s to all the concerned individuals. She would need to impress on the need for and the opportunity available for change. A desire for change is a sign of safety. The Net Income of United Cereal has been steadily declining over the years. Their operational costs are increasing and they need to manage their SG&A. Eurobrand is the opportunity that could be the answer to their troubles. She should show her ability to implement her plan by diffusing the response throughout the organization. Brill must make a list of all the concerns that were raised by Kurt Jaeger, Lou (through Olsen) Jorge Sanchez and James Miller. She would need to tell them about the Centralized European Market Strategy being much more effective today because of the converging consumer tastes, old cultural habits disappearing and EU regulations eroding market differences. She could talk about the risk-reward premium and allay Sanchez’s concern about finances. She could talk about giving the subsidiaries time to set their affairs in order to prepare for the launch. Even Lou’s concerns about consumers and market research would be addressed by performing them in preparation to the
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