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UnitedHealthcare Despite the struggling economy across the nation, UnitedHealthcare businesses soared in growth and increased their year over year revenues by 8% in 2010. They widened their customer base by 1.2 million individuals. The economy turmoil was a significant reason for the growth in Medicaid program participation rising almost 15% from year to year. Additionally, the aging “baby boomer” generation contributed in the spike of 16% in Medicare Advantage consumers in 2010. After suffering a 1.7 million membership loss in 2009; the commercial market experienced a dramatic turnaround that resulted in a net gain of 185,000 people served in 2010. “The improvements were driven by newer, more affordable products, better customer…show more content…
Medicare and Medicaid – UnitedHealth plans have been chosen for many area Medicare and Medicaid governmental choice. Lower income may choose between a HMO and another type of plan offered. Dental Insurance Plans – This plan is specific to dental well care and repair of teeth within the dentistry industry. Their products are prices are moderate in the market; however, the company believes that the best medicine for any disease is prevention. United Healthcare believes in educating the public on prevention, care, and nutritious lifestyles. The more education American’s receive results in a possibility of preventive measures and teaching health will bring healthy citizens. This will result in fewer illnesses and lower costs overall. The promoted charitable attitude and encouragement are a highly admirable feature within the company and exhibits the genuine nature of caring for people. The support to disaster relief affected areas, youth involvement, and contributions to the less fortunate living in shelters or decreasing the feeding the hungry, or food drives bring a healthier tomorrow within our country. Community investment will yield high profit margins and/ or positive opportunity costs results are being demonstrated consistently by UnitedHealthcare by their actions, financial, and awards they have earned. • “UnitedHealthcare named 2009 Best Health Plan Provider by readers of

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