United Healthcare Case Study

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Health Organization Case Study
United Healthcare Case Study – Programs to Empower Citizens Make Informed Healthcare Choices
The health care system in US is the topic of much debate. There have been many surveys done on patient satisfactions and the efficiency of health care provided by the doctors. One common finding is that we have a long way to go if we want all our citizens to get quality health care services. Here, we will see how United Healthcare which is one of the largest health care groups in the US is working towards that goal.
One problem that people face when requiring health care services is reduced awareness of the quality of physicians and the practices followed by them. United Healthcare has brought about a new plan that might just be the solution for this problem. One program gives information on the physician’s performance quality and the cost associated with each performance so that customers who require the relevant health care service will be well informed and can make educated choices.
It is expected that a majority of teens in the next decade will be obese. This will lead to further complications like rise in Diabetes and other health issues. To combat this unhealthy trend, United Health care has partnered with schools and other community centers to educate the kids and to involve them in being active. Children will be encouraged to participate in active dancing in the form of video game, which has been given the name of ‘Exergaming’. The Healthy
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