United Hospice Of Rockland: A Case Study

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The essence of any organization is their ability to connect the work that they are doing to their potential clients and donors. The multitude of organizations that are doing similar work, going after the same base of individuals make it necessary for individuals to be able to decipher between what makes particular organizations stand out. Organizations are able to do this through their storytelling ability. Being able to pull at the heartstrings, emotions and donor pockets is essential for organizations that try to make it in the world of non-profit fundraising. United Hospice of Rockland is placed in a unique position when it comes to their ability to tell the stories that have the potential for the largest impact. Due to the Health Insurance…show more content…
However, people are talking about the organization; the organization is just not listening in the right spots. At UHR, there is a sense that because of the population that the organization is focused on, social media is second to hearing what people are saying through word of mouth. While, social media may not be the preferred form of communication for the elderly population of our community, there are a great number of these individuals who participate in some form of social media. More and more grandparents are seeing social media as a tool to keep up with their children and grandchildren who are spread great distances apart and UHR needs to take advantage of these individuals presence. Additionally, while true that a great deal of the clients that UHR has are of the older population, it is often times their children who are making the decisions about whether or not to place and talking about the organization. This age group is constantly on social media and see social media as a tool for communication, often times accessed easier than word of…show more content…
However, Post Planner is a social media tool that UHR can use to help them determine what to post. Currently there is a bill that is being put forth regarding hospice care and the changes being that could go to the services that UHR provides. UHR can use Post Planner to see how well articles written by others are doing on Facebook and share relevant ones that are already successful. Being active on social media doesn’t mean recreating information specific for one’s organization. UHR has the potential to be active on social media by using what is successful for other organizations to showcase the work that they are doing. Another important social tool for UHR to use in order to stay current with social media is to use Hootsuite. Hootsuite gives UHR the opportunity to connect their Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin in order to get a better understanding of the people that are talking about them. Having to stay up to date constantly and maintain communication with the influential followers and fans can be overwhelming for non-profits that function with small staff numbers. Hootsuite provides assistance by keeping a running track of the issues and people that UHR should be a where of. Taking a look at UHR’s current Hootsuite account, it is noticeable that there is a lack of communication between people who are mentioning UHR. People

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