United Kingdom And Its Influence On The United States

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Many public schools teach basic government to students, and from what they taught, many know that United Kingdom had a great influence to the United States and the rest of the world due to their long history. United Kingdom known as Britain is well-known for conquering multiple colonies and ruling them for long period of times.
United Kingdom’s history of dominance over ruling empires goes back to 19th century, when an act of union created United Kingdom on January 1st, 1801. This act was joined by England, Scotland and Wales, all of Great Britain along with Ireland. It was stated that Catholics were still unable to vote at elections or hold position in offices or parliamentary. During this beginning of the 19th Century, Britain was still at war with Napoleonic France. In 1806, Napoleon issued the Berlin Decree, which forbids any country from trading with Britain, but in return the British issued Orders in Council, that granted them the right to have control over neutral shipping areas bond for French ports. This led to war with the United States. In 1815, Duke of Wellington defeated Napoleon known as the Battle of Waterloo. It was during this time that Britain is becoming one of the richest and powerful countries in the world with a great control on world trade.
In 1837, after the death of her Uncle, Victoria becomes a Queen at the age of 18, and lasted until her death in 1901. Her time as Queen helped grow United Kingdom’s wealth and expanded her empire. Two…
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