United Kingdom National Health Service

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It is practically unimaginable nowadays to open a daily paper without perusing that our health administration is under massive strain. The ongoing financing crisis, rising interest and the need to defend quality are consolidating to apply huge weight over the whole system. These difficulties are not restricted to the United Kingdom but rather are confronted by health systems over the world. None of the pressures is probably going to decrease. An increasing population, changing examples of ailment and rising patient desires will all include to the requests the NHS. There is currently wide accord that health care services needs to change significantly to meet these requests. UK NHS, United Kingdom National health service, is the dominating…show more content…
Due to the popularity of this phenomenon, the NHS, with collaboration with the government, started giving advices to younger patients, gave presentations and lectures in schools and public areas, which caused a decrease close to 50%. Connecting to before, due to the help of the government, many things has changed to the better. Firstly, this collaboration reached a decision to ban smoking in public areas, this ban has saved the NHS an estimated sum of over £380 million a year. Secondly, the decided that the addition of fluoride into water, will contribute in reducing tooth decay and in tooth loss. Carrying on, NHS stressed more on workers having safer working conditions such as implying on the workers to wear protective equipment and there has been a huge development in policies and methods that has significantly helped in decreasing workplace accidents and safer working environments. Thirdly, they have also reduced salt targets in foods like sugary snacks and ones high in carbohydrates as well as others. Finally, NHS have also decreased the susceptibility of infectious diseases such as typhoid, cholera and tuberculosis (TB). There has been an increase for access to family planning services, which significantly aid the reduction of unplanned pregnancies and transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STD). (Achievements and priorities in public health, 2015).

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