United Nations : An Establishment That Brings 193 Countries

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United Nations is an establishment that brings 193 countries together in one building. After the failure of League of Nations, in 1945, President Franklin D. Roosevelt pitched the idea of United Nations in order to bring worldwide peace. After the ratification of the charter of UN, it began to properly function. The head quarter of United Nations resides in Manhattan, New York (www.un.org). In this building the members of the UN hold General assemblies, conferences, and make decisions regarding the missions of the organization. Many of the events occurring surrounding United Nations had the involvement of U.S. United States and its government exercise their foreign policy powers through United Nations. The Executive branch and the congress…show more content…
Every members of the UN is to have equal rights, opportunities and benefits according to the charter of UN. The president has many constitutional foreign policy powers that allow him to conduct actions for and with United Nations such as deploying troops, making treaties and appointing ambassadors. The president has the power to nominate ambassadors for UN but the nominees have to be confirmed by the Senate. In 2013, President Barack Obama “nominate foreign policy confidant Samantha Power to replace Susan Rice as the United States ambassador to the United Nations” (Hallowell). This power allows him to choose a person to his liking and therefore gain more control of the decision-making in UN. If there was an issue that needed to be brought up to UN, the ambassador will represent the United States position to it. President’s cabinet members, who are also nominated by him, such as the secretary of state, also represent United States in UN. The congress also has foreign policy powers shared with the President in UN such as declaring war on a foreign nation and handle budget for programs. They can restrict President’s plan of monetary
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