United Nations Security Council Resolution

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This paper evaluates the United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 242 with regard to its historical background, interpretations, aftermath, present status, and legal ramifications. UNSCR 242 was drafted after the Six-Day war between Israel and Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. This resolution is the bedrock of further treaties that were signed. According to the resolution, Israel is supposed to return the captured land, however, due to a conflict of interpretation, there has been several arguments on when and how the land should be returned. The merits of this resolution and the prospective solutions offered are still debated to this day. The treaties and declarations following UNSCR 242, arguably, compel us to believe that the
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Once the interpretation, historical background, status and ramifications have been discussed, the fog clears away to understand that the UN Security Council Resolution is a failure to achieve peace, unless both Israel and the Palestinian authorities are willing to compromise.
History: The historical background to the war can be traced to the actions of the Egyptian president Nasser. Nasser had asked UN Secretary General U Thant to remove the UN peace-keeping force from Egypt . When the UN had withdrawn its forces there had been three developments that took place. The first development was a rising tide of guerrilla activity against Israeli targets by Palestinians . Secondly, Israeli response since its inception had to retaliate harshly for Arab attacks or ceasefire violations . Thirdly, the rumor that Israeli troops were gathering near the Syrian border raised tensions .
The Syrian Ba’th party also had a view towards the Arab-Israeli conflict that exasperated the situation between the Israelis and her neighbors. They maintained that the solution to the problem was by exterminating the Israeli state and restoring the land that had been taken away from its owners, apply all means needed to prevent Israel from making any new gains, and
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