United Parcel Service: Market Analysis

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Abstract This paper is about United Parcel Service (UPS). The company is described, with specific reference to the nature of its service offering. UPS is an international firm, and as such there is discussion of the different countries in which it operates. The focal point of the paper is an analysis of UPS using the marketing mix, and with special attention to the way that the marketing mix is implemented differently in the different markets UPS serves. The four markets given the most attention are the four countries in which UPS has major hubs the US, Canada, Germany and China. Description of the Company United Parcel Service (UPS) was founded in 1907 as a messenger company, and has built upon that core service offering for the last 105 years. The company describes its business as "enabling commerce around the globe" (UPS.com, 2012). They are the world's largest package delivery company, managing the flow of goods, funds and information. UPS operates in more than 200 countries around the globe. The two core elements of the business are the overnight delivery service and the ground-based delivery service. The overnight service utilized aircraft in a hub-and-spoke network system that covers much of the globe, with the objective of delivering packages overnight or as quickly as possible to as many locations as possible. This is the company's premium service and the one that is most commonly available around the world. UPS competes with FedEx, DHL and TNT, along with
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