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United Parcel Service Executive Summary UPS has announced that after more than 90 years as a private company, it was planning an initial public offering to become a publicly traded company. In response to this, we will first analyze UPS¡¦s business strategy and it¡¦s sustainability of its current performance. Then we will look at key factors to estimate the UPS¡¦s market capitalization value using FedEx¡¦s multiples as well as ¡§best in breed¡¨ company premiums. From this, we concluded that UPS¡¦s IPO should create a market capitalization for UPS between $17,520 million and $30,415 million. Evaluation UPS is the largest parcel delivery service in the world. They also help their customers its customers with supply chain management,…show more content…
Also UPS¡¦s decision to operate their ground and express business as one integrated company sharing the same trucks and sorting centers gave UPS advantage over FedEx. UPS is likely to sustain the current performance since ground delivery business, which has been growing at a slower rate than express business is expected to grow faster mainly due to the expansion of Internet shopping which would provide a boost for the B2C ground business. FedEx has not fared as well as UPS in financial performances. FedEx¡¦s total revenue has grown 60% from 1996 to 1999 while their net income has doubled in the same period. FedEx¡¦s acquisition of RPS will challenge UPS for the ground delivery business and affect the sustainability of UPS¡¦s advantage in the ground deliver business. FedEx has been competing well in the higher-end, high-service segment of the package delivery market. Although, digitations of documents and emergence of electronic signatures is threatening the express business which FedEx has the advantage over UPS. Analysis If we use FexEx¡¦s multiples as benchmarks we get an average UPS market capitalization of $17,520 million. Using FedEx¡¦s trailing price to earnings ratio, we come up with UPS¡¦s market capitalization of $13,911 million. Using FedEx¡¦s market to book

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