United Parcel Service ( Ups )

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United Parcel Service (UPS) is a U.S. based company that specializes in international package delivery. The company was developed from a small messenger service which was created in Seattle in 1907 (Brewster & Dalzell, 2007). A 19-year-old man called James E. Casey, together with his friend Claude Ryan, established the messenger service with only two bicycles, a phone within a small office in a basement, and $100 which were borrowed from Ryan 's uncle. From this messenger service, the two young men laid the foundation for the growth of an international multi-billion dollar organization which is involved in the worldwide movement of goods, finances, and general information (Brewster & Dalzell, 2007). From its inception, UPS has grown to be the world 's biggest parcel delivery company. It is estimated that the Atlanta-based company delivers approximately three billion items in more than two hundred countries and territories per annum. The company owns an enormous fleet of vehicles, approximately around 88,000 in total. Also, UPS owns and operates the 9th largest airline business in North America. In regards to this, it has about 600 aircraft which are company-owned and chartered (Brewster & Dalzell, 2007). The global penetration of UPS has been observed to be gradually increasing raising its market share in many countries. However, the company’s U.S. operations have made the most significant impact on the overall business transactions. It has employed a door-to-door delivery
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