United Stated Successful Foreign Policies

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After the world war II Europe was completely ravaged and had to face a serious bleak of aftermath of war. People had no food to eat and no shelter to live. Majority of European regions were destroyed and was in dire need of help to uplift the state back to its original condition or at least could arrange basic necessities of people as quickly as possible.

So, in order to pull out Europe of the devastation The United States designed a foreign policy "The Marshall Plan" under the presidentship of Harry S. Truman on April 3, 1948. The plan was designed to support Europe in arranging for food, shelter, infrastructural recovery
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It played a major role in changing the business perspective between Europe and U.S. It helped European countries to pass the initial phases of post war unfavorable conditions. However, the U.S apart from supporting Europe also wanted to lower down the biggest threat of communism to spread. The aid was also offered to Soviet Union but was turned down by them as they considered it an attempt by U.S to set its control in communist regions. Overall the plan was highly efficient and proved to be a support to the war affected countries and also to U.S in hindering communism to spread.


World Trade Organization (WTO) is an international trade organization which was set up on January 1, 1995. It was developed with the participation of 161 states. The purpose of WTO is to design different agreements relating to trade with the mutual consent of the members companies, setting out trade rules and principles among different countries. WTO aims at reducing obstacles in trade and business between the countries and look into disputes that arise in nature of trade. The prime function of WTO is to provide a framework for manufacturers, importers, exporters and businesses through which they can regulate their working boundaries.

In this era of globalization there was a need of an
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