United States Aggression Against Islam

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United States aggression against Islam:
As noted above, the main goal of al Qaeda propaganda is to convince the Muslim world (ummah) that the West is waging a war on (or conducting a “crusade” against) Islam. All of the detainees at Guantanamo are Muslim, many were jailed without any involvement with al Qaeda, the Taliban, or militant behavior at all, (Fox News) and some abused. (Center for Constitutional Rights) These facts, manipulated correctly and placed into a certain context, could be used to convince a susceptible audience that the United States is operating the prison partially to persecute Muslim men, and as an example of the US targeting Muslims generally.
Al Qaeda uses this imagined war as a rallying cry to convince a small minority in the Muslim world to join its cause, as well as a justification for its actions – casting them as a “defensive jihad” against the enemies of the faith. In situations when the faith is attacked, according to Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, “each Muslim has an individual obligation to join the battle … this must be done by all Muslims,” and as Todd Helmus writes, “Al Qaeda thus calls Muslims to Islam 's defense.” (121)
The Canadian Center for Intelligence and Security Studies report explains that, “Al Qaeda 's propaganda portrays the current socio-political system as one that oppresses and discriminates against Muslims, who are the victims of an international world order dominated by the West – the aggressor and enemy of Islam.” (ITAC

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