United States And Canada Physical Geography Essay

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United States & Canada Physical Geography The great plains are located to the west of the Interior Plains. The great plains consist of a large, flat, and treeless area of land. The nation’s “breadbasket” is known as the Great Plains! These plains are famous for their raising of livestock and agriculture. A large range of mountains that are found west of the Great Plains are known as the Rocky Mountains. This mountain range extends from Alaska to New Mexico and is considered the younger of the two large ranges of mountains in the United States. The Great Lakes connect the middle of the US to the Atlantic Ocean by the St. Lawrence River. That creates one of the world’s major shipping routes. There are five great lakes, and they are Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, Lake Michigan, and Lake Erie. The Great Lakes are rich in mineral resources such as coal and iron. These lakes are also the center of urban and industrial growth. The river that is the longest and busiest river system in the United States and starts off as a small stream in Minnesota and empties into the Gulf of Mexico is known as the Mississippi River. The flat and treeless area that spreads from the Appalachian Mountains to three hundred miles to the west of the Mississippi River are the Interior Plains. These plains stretch into parts of Canada, where the ground is covered in permafrost. Where there is no permafrost, these areas produce different varieties of animal and plant life along with some

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