United States And Philippines : The Melting Pot Of Different Ethnic Groups

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In our country today, we are a nation of diverse cultures. America is considered the melting pot of different ethnic groups. By today’s standard, “American Culture” is the result of a variety of races integrating their own cultural beliefs into American society. Throughout the years the US has seen a massive increase of people migrating from Asian countries. Like other immigrants, Asians come here in order to seek a better life and experience civil liberties and I include myself to that. Immigrating from the Philippines and going to the United States forced me to grow up and learn to adapt its culture. I have learned to embrace American culture along with my Filipino culture.
Over the past 8 years of living in America, I have learned to adapt its environment. Coming here as an eleven year old, I noticed similarities and differences between United States and Philippines. Most Filipinos tend to not be as assertive as Americans when it comes to speaking their mind. Verbal communication is constrained, which can be a positive in that our non-verbal communication has become well-developed to the point that it 's literally possible for us to effectively communicate with each other without talking. Filipinos would just nod or smile to acknowledge an acquaintance 's presence is a good example. Which I often do a lot whenever I’m with my family especially my siblings because we understand each other. Here in America, it’s impossible to communicate without talking. It is

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