United States And Southern State Essay

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United states were consist of southern state and northern states. The northern state was consist almost all about the white people. The southern state was consist of almost all the colored people. They were in one union of United States. Somehow, the southern state start to secede from the union after the election of President Lincoln. There were some issues that make them need to secede from the union. Start from the issues about the slavery that banned by the government, taxation, and trade process. After Lincoln become a president, there are many respond on it. The slave believe that they will be free from their master after Lincoln become the president. It is written in the book page 641 that the Negroes think that Lincoln will help them and they believe that Lincoln will do something to turn up (641). After the election and Lincoln was Inaugurated, America’s is meet the break of the country. The south felt that they could not give their voice in the national government. Their right to be participant of the country is banned by the government. Participated in country is the right for all people. At that time the south people may not do voting for the United States. There were issued that the northern want to stop the growing process in the south. It comes after they know that member of government that run by the Lincoln ere almost from the northern territory. The south people believe that the government in Lincoln era and the congress want to against what the South’s

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