United States And The Civil War

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US Civil War
United States of America was formed as a result of the revolution that continued from 1776 to 1783. After that, United States was divided into two wings/ parts that are the southern and the northern parts. Then conflict between the two aroused because the northern and the southern societies were totally different of each other in terms of economic structure, social class, politics and other social matters especially slavery. The civil war, that started in 1861 and ended in 1865, was the result of the unending conflict between the southern and the northern societies. The main issue that became the cause of conflict was slavery and the oppression of the labor class in the southern societies of the United States and the northern
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On the other hand, the southern societies comprised of best suited agricultural lands and had complete hold on the agricultural needs of the states and also exported it to the European countries. In this society, there was great racial discrimination. The whites were the owners of the lands and they felt no need to establish the industrial culture because their lands were very profitable for them. Another reason for this was that the owners did not work and had the slaves that prepared the crop, harvested it, and supplied it to the markets. In short, slaves were responsible for the take care of the crops and the owners treated them brutally. They tortured them physically, emotionally, did not provide them with food and forced them to work all the time (Boritt, 1992). They were also punished harshly for their little mistakes due to which many slaves died as well. So there was great violation of labor rights and also human rights that triggered the seeds of hate and rebellion. In addition to it, the northern societies also supported the elimination of slavery.
Reasons of Inevitability of War
The US civil war was inevitable due to the three main issues that had created wide gap and extreme stiffness between the two societies of United States. The most important of them was slavery. The economy of the southern part of United States depended solely on the hard work
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