United States And The Modern World

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Every minute, 30 football field sized sections of forests are cut down—and that is just from illegal harvesting (“Corruption and the Environment”). The modern world has become so reliant on wood products that at the current rate of deforestation there will soon be no forests left to enjoy. Governments refrain from making their clear-cutting plans public to avoid scrutiny. With governments very unlikely to change their policies, unless monetary gain is guaranteed, it is on the people of the United States and the rest of the world to reinforce positive environmental consciousness. If people were to become aware of the consequences to living extravagant lifestyles, more natural resources would be conserved for future generations. People in today’s society are obsessed with the notion that having a large house and car are signs of power and success, so home buyers rarely look for sustainable housing. For example, when buying a house, the majority of people have long wish lists. Unfortunately, these same buyers rarely are mindful of how much everything would cost in relation to their actual budgets. Most new homebuyers are set on buying the perfect house immediately, often not having a list of what is most important. According to Susan Johnston Taylor of U.S. News and World Report, people value a house’s neighborhood, square footage, bells and whistles, along with when it was built and the property’s history. Usually one of the most neglected features of a house is the outdoor
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