United States And The Post Cold War Political And Criminal Violence

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The central claim of the report is that the poorest people live in a context of recurrent cycles of violence whether criminal and political and in order to stop those cycles, legitimate institutions have to be implemented to ensure security, jobs and justice. The main idea then is to remodel institutions in order to reinforce people confidence. Those arguments are discussed by referring to the Post cold war political and criminal violence, with the explanation of their dramatic consequences on economic and social development. The report is influential in scope in a way that it attempts to rethink an international order but it is commonly critized that it provides only obvious conclusions and fails to engage with essential issues. Then,…show more content…
Firstly, the bibliography is not representative of the vast existing literature about conflict, development and violence (Jones and Rodgers 2011).The majority of the literature mentioned is based on quantitative parallels between economic and political aspects and conflict. This goes against the World Bank claims that “Our approach is multidisciplinary and draws on both quantitative and qualitative evidence” (2011, p. 73). The lack of qualitative data is also apparent in the report’s explanation that it structure is adequate with theories of violence in various disciplines with the use of box 3.4 page 104 that is based on the research of economists. Even tough they are prominent scholars in the violence and conflict debate; they are novice in this debate that emerged with classic figures that are not mentioned in the bibliography such as Machiavelli arguing that conflict contributes to the stability of the society (in Jones and Rodgers 2011, p.983). Hobbes is mentioned only once page 75. This is also the case for Tilly (2003) that is considered as one of the most prominent scholars that have studied the relation between violence and the state. The main idea in his work is about what work does violence and conflicts do and make a distinction between many types of violence, what the report does not. Finally, Galtung developed the idea of peacebuilding, insisting on the formation of peacebuilding structure in
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