United States And The United Nations

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To what extent did Participation of the United States and the United Nations in Korea in late 1950s affect Cultural and Political Reconstruction?

Danny Choi #003318-0046

Internal Assessment
History of America HL
Instructor: Leslie Grisham
Spring 2015

Word Count: 1963

A. Plan of Investigation
After a devastating civil war in Korea in early 1950s, South Korea faced a new, unprecedented phase in forming a constitutional government with assistance from the United States and the United Nations. Korea especially experienced several crucial reforms in politics and in society due to introduction of democracy and diffusion of Western culture. To determine the extent of contributions by the United States and the United Nations in late 1950s, the investigation will examine the nature and extent of three major commitments in reconstruction: injection of democracy into Korean government, reconstruction of politics, and societal reforms for modernization. Not only scholarly sources from databases, such as EBSCO and CLIO, but also books were used as references in order to determine the extent of commitments. The Coldest Winter by Halberstam and Grand Expectations by Patterson were mainly used to advocate American support, as well as Koreans’ perspective on modernization.

B. Summary of Evidence
After the cruel civil war, South Korea faced a new phase of history full of new adoptions into both government and society. Under constant supervision of the U.S. and U.N. of which…
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