United States Armed Forces Are Only For The Rough And Tough

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The United States Armed Forces are only for the rough and tough. I learned about the military through commercials on television, my family members who veterans, and recruiters walking are thought my neighborhood and at school when I was a child. “Join the most powerful military in the world,” said a military poster I had seen walking home from work one day and the “Be All That You Can Be” Army commercials played while I was watching television. I believed that if I was rough and tough enough to join the military then I could do anything I put my mind to. It became a challenge and I decided to take on the challenge.
I recall the very day I decided to join the military. As I sat in keyboard class, the teacher turn on the television. The news was on with a live broadcast of the Twin towers located in New York. Smoke was coming from one of the towers. Seeing this major event happen caused everyone in my class to talk. Some of my classmates started screaming and crying when the plane hit the other tower. School was released early because of the amount of students who had relatives that worked in the twin towers. Seeing all of my classmates and the other kids at my school crying caused something inside me to want to make a difference and fight for my country. Without doing any research of my own about the different branches of the military, I chose to join the Army. On the way home, I went to the nearest recruiting office and that became the beginning of my military career.
I was

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