United States Armed Forces Veterans

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We live in a time where war, armed conflicts, hate crimes, foreign and domestic terrorism are on the rise. Historically there has been a population of individuals that served their country however, when they returned home they were under-served. Many combat veterans returned home only to face new challenges with adjusting to the dynamic environment around them. United States Armed Forces Veterans are confronted with evolved challenges such as; the advent of social media, and increase in news outlets which can keep a steady stream conflict flowing into the veterans home, impairing a veteran’s ability to reduce vigilance. When I separated from the military in July 5, 2007, after 9 years of service, despite my best efforts and all the experience I had acquired I was unemployed. Upon gaining employment, my income was been cut in half, my position of authority was removed, I was now disabled and dealing PTSD, I was having marital problems and struggling to adjust to civilian life. In essence I was struggling fulfill some of my basic needs discussed in Reality Theory. The encouragement and support I received from those with share experiences was monumental factor in my positive progression. Being connected to other veterans, either via family or friends that could empathize, encourage, and confront destructive thinking was a key factor throughout that process. Therefore, therapy in the form of small closed groups called fire teams in therapy can be beneficial in…
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