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In his “Welcome to the Seminar” reading, Thomas Galvin listed eight competencies that graduates of the US Army War College should possess. He highlighted them as a “way of helping students visualize the end state of this journey – being a senior leader.”1 Galvin further divided the eight competencies into persistent and mission specific. Persistent, meaning traits for everyday life and mission specific, meaning only for certain situations. Galvin lists the four mission specific traits as Strategic Advisor, Strategic Planner, Strategic Theorist and finally Senior Leader at the Strategic Level.2 This paper will concern itself with two mission specific outcomes, Strategic Advisor/Communicator and Senior Leader at the Strategic Level as I perceive these areas to have the biggest potential for my development.
These competencies are important to my development because both of them incorporate characteristics of the Theorist and Planner mission specific competencies. In my opinion, one has to be a Strategic Theorist and Planner in order to advise and/or lead in a strategic organization. Additionally these two competencies relate strongly to civil-military relations, an important and necessary aspect of modern strategic leadership and advice. Although I have gained some insight into the civilian perspective by working at a civilian airline for about a year and a half, this is an area in which I, as a former operational level leader, see potential for further personal development.

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